Gourmet, delicious food can be sensible.  So, what is sensible?  Merriam-Webster has five definitions, two of which pertain to this blog.  ˈsen(t)-sə-bəl: having, containing, or indicative of good sense of reason or ˈsen(t)-sə-bəl: designed for practical ends rather than for appearance.  Combine reason, practicality and gourmet, and voilà, the ultimate combination.  End result: food that is easy to make, good for the body, and absolutely delicious.  Check out 10 things about SG:    

Ten things to know:

1. I do not eat beef or pork; therefore you will never see these ingredients on SG.
2. Most of these recipes are low-fat, low-sodium and low calorie. Maybe someday I will get to the numbers.
3. Disclaimer to number 2: I have a sweet tooth...
4. Mayo=no
5. I don't do packaged: cake mixes, fajita flavoring, frozen dinners, etc.
6. I use whole grains whenever possible.
7. All of my baking is done at 7,800 feet. If I have tried a recipe at sea level, I will let you know. Otherwise: be warned.
8. A little butter is not a sin.
9. Vegetarian does not mean boring.
10. I am no expert: post a comment and share your tips!