Sunday, December 11, 2011

Five Gifts for Food Lovers

Oh December.  I love this month so much, but yet I always seem to become uncontrollably stressed out.  Today marks two weeks until Christmas, and I am amazingly about halfway through my Christmas shopping. This might be a record.  Starting early has allowed me some creativity and increased thoughtfulness with my gift finding strategies. Some of the best gifts for a food lover are those that will live in the kitchen for a lifetime, and will better as they age.  Here are some ideas for unique gifts:

The Artist: Block Prints from Rigel Stuhmiller's Etsy Shop.  I actually ordered this calender or my mom's birthday in November, and she loved it.  He also has lovely prints and notecards, many with a food-oriented theme.

The Feminine: Anthropologie aprons are delightful gifts. They are flirty, fun and functional.  This is my personal favorite.

The Rustic: Handmade, recycled kitchen signage "savor" "eat" or "cook" are some good options.  Keep in mind your loved ones' kitchen spaces to make sure the sign will fit.

The Practical: Stoneware never goes out of style, cooks beautifully, and looks fantastic in any kitchen.  This oval enameled dish would make a great addition to many cooks' tools.

The Splurge: The beloved Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer; a must have for many cooks, especially those who are passionate about baking.  Not only are they useful, they are beautiful too, and can add a splash of color to any countertop.  In our tiny studio kitchen, I despise appliances that live on the counter.  The only exception is my stand mixer.

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