Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Links: Food in the News

Our next destination: South Africa (photo credit)
Happy March Madness to all the basketball fans out there.  I am not even aware of who is playing.  Terrible, I know.  My march madness is this crazy weather in Colorado.  It is currently a record-breaking 65 degrees and perfectly sunny in town in Aspen at 7900 feet.  Madness.  While it is sad for our ski slopes, I am loving my suntan and capri pants.  While basketball and the nation's crazy weather have been in the news recently, so has food, farming, and nutrition.  Here are a few links from around the web about our current hot food topics.  Happy Friday!

1. Seattle, my hometown, will be building the world's first food forest in a new 7 acre park near Beacon Hill.
2. An interesting perspective on the new egg bill, by one of my favorite bloggers.
3. Scientific advancements with food allergies.
4. The ins and outs of Celiac disease.
5. Nutrition and education, how healthy eating affects America's children.

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