Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Links: Back to School Lunches

While I am no longer a student (for now), the week after Labor Day always feels like back to school.  This year it means back to work, for both the hubby and myself.  He recently got a job driving a school bus (so almost back to school), and I am working part-time with 0-3 year-olds in the Early Intervention program.  While it is sad that our summer travels, hiking, biking, swimming and just playing is over, it will be good to bulk up the bank account a bit.  So today's links are focused on healthy back to school (or work) lunches.  Happy weekend!
Use an eco-friendly container or bag: pack it smart, ditch the plastic.
Put it in a pita: pitas can make fun make-it-yourself lunches for picky kids.
Cook up some chicken and soba noodles like this or like this: easy to make the night before. 
DIY pizza lunchables, without the preservatives: add some veggies for more nutrition
Make one of these fun sandwiches: spruce up the classic.

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