Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Links: Gardening in Small Spaces

Our freshly planted garden
Tuesday morning we donned hats and shovels and planted our seedlings in the vegetable garden. You might think it sounds late, but gardening at high altitude requires waiting for the frost to pass and then planting short season veggies. This is my first real garden of my own, besides the herbs I grow indoors. These links show some amazing ideas for small space gardening that I wish I would have tried in my apartment days. Get your hands dirty this weekend!
Perfect for a patio: wine Crates for a mobile and edible container garden.
Hang it on a door: vertical vegetable garden, in a shoe holder.
Stack a garden: urban veggie box.
If you have a small yard: make a raised bed.
On the balcony: create a potted vegetable garden.
Pepper shoots
Tomatoes, basil and peppers started inside

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