Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Links: Winter Soups

Tuscan Bean Soup from The Italian Dish
The snow is coming.  The air is expectant with the incoming storm, and the anticipation is killing me.  We got our first storm a couple weeks ago, but this one is supposed to leave snow measured in feet.  With opening day coming up in two weeks, we are all ready for the flakes to fall.  I love soup on a snowy night.  The windows in my tiny house steam up, and outside is still and beautiful, reminding me of what I love about living in the mountains.  Here is a roundup of delightful soups for your snowy (or just cold...) weekend.

The Italian: Tuscan Bean Soup
The French: French Lentil Soup
The Vietnamese: Vegetarian Pho

And from the archives at SG:

The simple classic: Potato Leek Soup
The healthy choice: Black Bean Soup
The party dish: Chicken Chili
The travel-inspired: Quinoa Soup

Enjoy the weekend, and make some soup!

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